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Frequently Asked Questions




Where does our drinking water come from?


NTMWD utilizes Lavon Lake for the primary raw water source. Additional raw water sources are supplied by Lake Texoma, Lake Chapman and reuse.


What is the quality of our drinking water?


The water quality meets and/or exceeds the state and federal standards. The state regulatory agency is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The federal regulatory agency is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Is fluoride added to the water supply?


Yes, fluoride is added as prevention for tooth decay. Read more - Fluoride Q & A | Fluoride Info


What is the hardness of our drinking water?


The hardness is determined by the amount of calcium in the water. NTMWD's water is considered moderately hard. To determine the hardness of the water measured in grains per gallon refer to the water quality reports and divide the total hardness by 17.12. Read the hard water facts sheet for more information.


What causes the taste and/or odor changes during the summer months?


Taste and/or odor changes are due to a naturally occurring event, an algal bloom. An algal bloom exists when conditions such as temperature of the lake water, nutrients, and sunlight are optimum for algae to reproduce. As a result of the algal bloom, taste and odor changes occur. The event is a palatability issue and does not change the high standard for water quality.


Is ammonia in the water supply?


Yes, ammonia is found in the water supply as chloramines. Ammonia is added in addition to chlorine to form a longer lasting disinfectant known as chloramines.


Where can I find more information on Lavon Lake?


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns and operates Lavon Lake. Please visit their Web site for more information.


Where can I find more information about water treatment?


The Story of Drinking Water

Click here to begin.


The Story of Drinking Water brings water to life by providing insight into the whole story of drinking water. This interactive tool discusses water treatment in ancient Egypt, our water plant, water science, three forms of water, the hydrologic cycle, water sources, water treatment, water distribution, water conservation, and more. Interactive games and activities can keep kids interested. A personal copy for your home or school can be ordered through the American Water Works Association online bookstore.


How Water Works - An Interactive Tour

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How Water Works is an interactive tour that provides active links which can take you through the process, equipment, and technology of a typical water supply and wastewater treatment system. It takes you through the source, treatment works, distribution system, out through the taps, down the drain and through the collection system to the wastewater plant for treatment so the process can begin again. A personal copy for your home or school can be ordered through the American Water Works Association online bookstore.