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Purpose and Mission Statement




The North Texas Municipal Water District ("NTMWD" or "the District") is a conservation and reclamation district and political subdivision of the State of Texas, created and functioning under Article XVI, Section 59, of the Texas Constitution, pursuant to Chapter 62, Acts of 1951, 52nd Legislature of Texas, Regular Session, as amended (the ACT). An amendment to the NTMWD’s creating ACT by the legislature in 1975, Section 27, authorizes the NTMWD to acquire, treat, and distribute potable water, and to collect, treat and dispose of wastes, both liquid and solid, in order to reduce pollution, conserve and develop the natural resources of Texas.


The primary mission of the District is to meet the various needs of the NTMWD Member Cities and Customers, whether that is the need for drinking water, solid waste disposal or wastewater treatment. The District acts as a regional wholesaler of water to its Member Cities and Customers. Rates for services are set at cost. No profits are included, and no taxes are collected. Unit costs for services are lower because the services are regional.



NTMWD Top 5 Priorities


  1. Provide superior water, wastewater, and solid waste services today.
  2. Secure the future for water, wastewater, and solid waste supplies and services.
  3. Maintain strong relationships with Member Cities, Customers, and partners.
  4. Maintain our infrastructure to provide reliable service today and tomorrow – through emphasis on preventive/predictive maintenance.
  5. Take care of our people – develop our leaders and work force, hire and retain the right people, build our bench, and be safe.