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Water Supply and Demand


Through extensive planning and development, the vital
services provided by the NTMWD to the entities served
are guided by the foundation of a regional concept where
sound financial stability and economies of scale guide
the success of each system. The services of water
treatment and delivery, wastewater treatment, effluent
reuse strategies, and solid waste disposal revolve
around all aspects of protecting water quality, the
environment, and human health.

The population of the NTMWD service area, which
includes the area served in Fannin County, is expected
to more than double between the years 2010 and 2060
from 1.6 million to an estimated 3.5 million served. It is
the objective of the NTMWD to meet the current and future
needs of its Member Cities and Customers with services
that provide sustainability for the current needs and
future growth.

The State of Texas and the NTMWD have completed the
third 5-year cycle of developing NTMWD's portion of the
Region C Water Plan which is part of the 2012 State
Water Plan. To meet the treated water needs of the
service area through 2060, the NTMWD has identified
numerous water management strategies and projects
to generate additional water supplies. These strategies
include: using current supplies, connecting to existing
supplies, developing new reservoirs, and making use of
supplies from conservation and reuse strategies. More
than 22 percent of the total future supplies are estimated
to consist of conservation and reuse water strategies.

To improve the efficient use of the water supplies by
consumers and heighten the awareness of water
resources, the NTMWD has implemented the State’s
Water IQ water awareness program. Conservation is by
far the most economical, least expensive and most
feasible water supply strategy identified when compared
to all other strategies. It is imperative to recognize that even
if target conservation and reuse goals are successfully met, allowing the NTMWD to extend current water supplies, these strategies alone will not be sufficient to support the expected rapid growth of the NTMWD service area.

The NTMWD holds water rights in Lavon Lake for 118,000 acre-feet/year. The NTMWD has secured additional raw water supplies to meet the projected growth through approximately 2020. These additional sources include the Trinity River Main Stem Pump Station that will maximize the East Fork Raw Water Supply Project (Wetland) capacity of 102,000 acre-feet/year, and the proposed Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir.

The NTMWD has commenced the permitting process for the proposed Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir (Reservoir), which will provide 123,000 acre-feet/year of future raw water supplies for treatment and distribution to Fannin County. The Reservoir will also supplement supply for other NTMWD Member Cities and Customers, and will provide an added benefit of recreational opportunities such as boating and fishing. Reservoir planning, permit applications, and environmental studies have been initiated. Construction of the proposed reservoir is anticipated to begin delivery of treated water in 2020.

Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir small map graphic

Learn more about the proposed Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir Project by clicking the picture to the left.