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A Message from NTMWD Executive Director



Executive Director

Thomas W. (Tom) Kula

Regional Game Plan for Getting Through the Summer Months Ahead


Spring rains have provided our reservoirs with some much needed inflows, and the lake elevations are looking good! I want to thank everyone for their continued outstanding conservation efforts provided throughout the region. Making it through the drought beginning with 2011 watering restrictions would not have been possible without the spirit of being "ALL-IN TOGETHER!"


The past drought period hit home that the "new norm" is being in some sort of conservation mode - at all times. As we begin to implement Water Conservation Plans across the region, consumers are reminded that even though reservoir levels are higher, we all need to use water wisely and use sprinkler systems only when needed. Water Conservation is counted upon to provide up to one quarter of the supplies needed for the region in the future, and we need everyone to do their part.


I have outlined the regional game plan below for getting through the hot, dry summer months ahead. Thank you for all that you do to be good stewards of our resources!


As always, please refer to your city's guidelines for landscape watering.


April 24, 2015