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The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) serves treated drinking water to much of the rapidly growing suburban area north and east of Dallas metroplex. Water demands for the NTMWD are expected to more than double over the next 50 years. To meet the projected water demands, water management strategies have been identified and are included in the 2012 State Water Plan. NTMWD is a part of the Region C Water Planning Group.


The recommended water management strategies for NTMWD include:


  • Conservation
  • Lake Texoma Pump Station Expansion
  • Renewed Interim Purchase of Lake Texoma Water from GTUA/Sherman
  • Main Stem Pump Station
  • Chapman Booster Pump Station
  • Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir
  • Additional Lake Texoma Supplies
  • Fannin County Water Supply System
  • Marvin Nichols Reservoir
  • Toledo Bend Reservoir
  • Oklahoma Water
  • Water Treatment Plant and Distribution Improvements


NTMWD Strategies
NTMWD Feasible Strategies

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The following alternative water management strategies are recommended for NTMWD:


  • Toledo Bend Reservoir Phase 2 (accelerated to occur before 2060)
  • Treated water from Dallas Water Utilities
  • Lake O' the Pines
  • Wright Patman Lake
  • Lake Texoma with desalination rather than blending
  • Ogallala groundwater in Roberts County (Region A)
  • Carrizo‐Wilcox groundwater in Brazos County Area (Region G)
  • George Parkhouse Reservoir (North)
  • George Parkhouse Reservoir (South)
  • Lake Livingston


Lavon Lake Supply

Lavon Lake remains the NTMWD primary raw water resource. When available, supplies from the East Fork Raw Water Supply Project (Wetland), Lake Tawakoni, Jim Chapman Lake (Cooper Lake), and Lake Texoma are used to augment supplies at times when Lavon Lake is below conservation pool level. In preparation for times of future water emergency situations or extreme drought conditions, the NTMWD has been negotiating with Dallas Water Utilities for possible raw water purchases through a short-term contract. If needed, this could supply additional raw water into Lavon Lake through the existing Tawakoni system.


Lake Texoma Supply

Since 2009, NTMWD has not pumped raw water from Lake Texoma due to the presence of the invasive species zebra mussels. In anticipation of the supply being restored in the future, NTMWD has obtained water rights for additional raw water supply from Lake Texoma and is working on a pump station expansion project and a pipeline extension project to the Wylie Water Treatment Plants, The Lake Texoma Pump Station expansion project wil lincrease pumping capacity from Lake Texoma and allow greater flexibility in the pipeline operation. NTMWD is constructing this expansion in conjunction with the Greater Texoma Utility Authority.


East Fork Raw Water Supply Project (Wetland)

NTMWD has obtained a water right to divert treated wastewater from the East Fork of the Trinity River near Crandall. The water is diverted to a constructed wetland for polishing, pumped through a pipeline to Lavon Lake and rediverted from Lavon Lake for treatment and delivery. The estimated supply available from the East Fork Reuse Project will increase with increasing wastewater flows to 102,000 acre-feet per year.


Lake Tawakoni Supply

NTMWD has a contract with the Sabine River Authority to divert water from Lake Tawakoni on an interim basis. NTMWD should divert only water surplus to the needs of other users and should eventually replace this water with supplies from other sources.


Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir

Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir is a proposed reservoir on Bois d'Arc Creek in the Red River Basin. Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir would provide up to 123,000 acre-feet per year for NTMWD and Fannin County. Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir is scheduled to be developed by 2020.






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