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In 1997 the 75th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1 (SB1), designed to address Texas water issues. With the passage of SB1, the legislature put into place a grassroots regional process to plan for future water needs of all Texans. The state water plan is based on a "bottom-up" consensus-driven approach to water planning that reviews water use projections and water availability.


To implement this process, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) created 16 regional water planning groups across the state and established regulations governing regional planning efforts. SB1 also called for all regional water plans to be updated every five years

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For more information about the
2012 State Water Plan
adopted by the TWDB on
December 15, 2011,
click the image to the left.

Click here to visit the TWDB Web site page. Click here to view more information on the State Water Plan. Click here to view more information on the Region C Water Plan.