NTMWD’s Environmental Laboratory analyzes water and wastewater samples to ensure they meet drinking water regulations and other water quality criteria.

The laboratory is accredited by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality for potable and non-potable parameters and conducts over 135,000 tests per year.

Our advanced analytical capabilities include:

  • Bacteriological analysis such as Total Coliform and E. coli
  • Metals such as lead, copper and mercury
  • Wet chemistry such as nitrate, alkalinity and hardness

In addition to analyzing samples for compliance with TCEQ regulations and process control, we analyze emergency samples, special studies and Texas Clean River Program samples.

The NTMWD Environmental Laboratory accepts samples from NTMWD Member Cities and Customers. Samples must be accompanied by a Chain of Custody Form. Customers can access their sample data online through our Client Connect program. Contact us for more information.