Board of Directors Approves Actions on 25 Projects and Reviews Strategic Plan

WYLIE, TX – Mar. 1, 2022:  At their February 24 meeting, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) Board of Directors approved actions associated with 25 different water and wastewater projects. Most of the actions were for ongoing projects. The Board also discussed the strategic plan featuring 55 initiatives. The meeting can be viewed at

NTMWD will proceed forward with projects totaling more than $23 million in construction and engineering costs. Some of the projects include the Leonard Water Treatment Plant, Lake Texoma Pump Station, Wylie Water Treatment Plant, relocation of a waterline associated with TXDOT road improvements in Dallas, Rockwall and Kaufman counties, a waterline relocation from the City of Wylie to the City of Rockwall and the Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

After the Board meeting, Jenna Covington, NTMWD Executive Director, explained, “These capital improvement projects are an indication of the importance of the regional impact we have in North Texas and that the costs associated with our operations is more than just water.” She shared that aging infrastructure, new regulatory requirements, and the booming populations of the 10 counties NTMWD serves all contribute to water costs.

The Board also discussed a draft of the updated strategic plan. It includes 55 initiatives highlighted by the need to complete a long-range water supply planning process. The District initially developed the plan in 2015 and updated it in 2019. Covington said, “This revised plan provides us a roadmap that will be actionable and trackable.” The Board plans to take final action at their meeting scheduled for March 24.