Budgets Reflect the Value of #MoreThanWater

It’s budget workshop season for our Member Cities and Customers, and NTMWD is diligently analyzing and refining our budget to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our continuously growing region in the most cost efficient ways possible.

Much like our cell phone or internet bills, our rates pay for more than water. It takes a lot of money to build and maintain the infrastructure needed to keep water flowing to those we serve. Some of our existing infrastructure is 60 years old, and we are constantly repairing and upgrading our system to keep it good working order.

Providing high quality and dependable water requires resources working around the clock to adhere to the strict regulations and laws that govern our industry. Our staff monitors systems and performs hundreds of tests daily to deliver water that is safe to drink and use as well as protecting our environment.

North Texas remains one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Planning for and building the necessary water storage, treatment plants and pipelines is critical to make sure everyone today and tomorrow has water to drink, fight fires, irrigate and conduct business.

Our wholesale water rates must increase to cover the combination of these costs. Even with the expected increase, our North Texas communities will see final billing costs falling below state averages, which remains less than most other household expenses like cell phones, internet, and cable television. The Texas Municipal League (TML) conducts an annual survey for water and wastewater rates and provides the information on its website.

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