North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) invites talented, experienced and ethical contractors, consultants and suppliers to bid on design and construction projects that align with their experience and expertise.

Procurement Department

North Texas Municipal Water District uses Bonfire, an online bidding software, to send and receive all non-construction bid opportunities, and post Engineering/CIP notices. Visit the Procurement Department to learn more, or to get on the Purchasing Department’s vendor list to obtain automatic notices and to submit bids electronically (when applicable), please visit the NTMWD Online Bidding Portal. Registration is FREE.

Construction and Engineering Opportunities

For each project, we have a consultant and one or more contractors. Consultants are pre-qualified and selected whereas contractors must bid on the project.

We are constantly working on a variety of projects as part of our Capital Improvement Plan to maintain and repair aging infrastructure and to expand our system to meet the growing demands of our region. Click on the links below to see a list of current and upcoming projects and the consultants and/or contractors who have been selected to perform the work.

Fiscal Year Design Projects (updated 8/2/2023)

Fiscal Year Construction Projects (updated 8/2/2023)

*Disclosure: Texas State Law requires the filing of conflict of interest disclosure statements by certain individuals and businesses. Learn more about conflicts of interest here.

Become a Contractor or Consultant