Care about water quality? Think watershed.

August is National Water Quality Month and making sure we deliver the best water possible is our top priority at NTMWD. It’s the reason our employees collect over 250,000 water samples annually and run numerous tests to ensure that your drinking water continually meets or exceeds all federal and state standards for water quality (as detailed in our new 2016 Consumer Confidence Report). But careful treatment processes, testing, and upkeep are not the only important factors in providing quality water.

The quality of water coming from your tap also depends on the quality of the water going into our lakes. The cleaner the water is before it enters our treatment facility, the easier it is to treat along the way. The quality of your water is determined by what is found in the water. Contaminants and pollution can come from a variety of sources – like your neighborhood storm drains or the creeks, rivers, and streams that flow into Lavon Lake. That means that we need to keep all of those water sources in the best shape they can be to improve our water prior to treatment.

After months of planning and public meetings, we recently completed the draft Watershed Protection Plan, a comprehensive plan designed to improve the quality of water in and around Lavon Lake. This plan ushers in a new era for NTMWD collaboration and leadership in protecting water quality at the source.

Check out our new watershed video for more information on how watersheds work and what you can do to help preserve their water quality, or visit our website to learn about our Lavon Lake Watershed Protection Plan to protect and further improve North Texas drinking water.