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Wings Over the Wetland Fundraiser 2017

The John Bunker Sands Wetland Center recently held its annual fundraising event – Wings Over the Wetland. This event helps support this thriving educational outreach center that provides a growing number of programs for schools, educators, researchers, environmentalists, and nature... more

planting fall and winter trees

Planting Fall and Winter Trees (WFAA)

Most people think of spring when they think of planting, but fall and winter is the perfect time to plant new trees in North Texas. Denise Hickey, water conservation expert for NTMWD, and Patrick Dickinson, horticulturalist for Texas A&M AgriLife,... more

News Stream Newsletter | NTMWD

News Stream – November 2017

In this month’s edition of News Stream, read about NTMWD Board of Directors approval for $7.7 million in rebates to all 13 Member Cities and some Customer communities. Learn more about the factors contributing to the rising water rates in... more

World Toilet Day: Why Toilets Matter

Toilets – You might take yours for granted, but 4.5 billion* people lack access to adequate sanitation in or near their home. To break that down even further, 2.4 billion people, or roughly one-third of the population worldwide, don’t have proper toilets. The ramifications of... more