Commit to Check for Leaks During Fix a Leak Week

fix-a-leak week | NTMWD

There is no better time than now, during Fix-A-Leak Week, to check for water leaks inside and outside your home and business. Checking and making repairs for the most common leaks is simple, but if you’re not a DIY-er then you can always ask a plumber to do the job.

Many homes have minor leaks and residents aren’t aware because they can’t hear the evidence. Those silent leaks, such as a warped or degraded toilet flapper, can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day per toilet. The slow drips from a leaky sink, tub, or shower faucet or outdoor spigot often go undetected or get ignored, but that water waste all adds up.

If you have an outdoor irrigation system, it’s of major importance to check it before watering requirements rise in the hot summer months. Damage to sprinkler heads, often caused by age or mowing, can waste thousands of gallons of water in a watering cycle if left unchecked.

Fix-A-Leak Week serves as a reminder to check for leaks this week and repair or replace items that aren’t working properly. If you need to replace items, aim for an EPA WaterSense labeled products which have met proven efficiency standards. NTMWD is an EPA WaterSense Promotional Partner.

Fix-A-Week Leak Infographic | EPA WaterSense