NTMWD supports education and outreach for all ages to develop and support well‐informed environmental partners to protect our most precious resource:  water.

We provide interactive learning experiences through partnerships with local organizations as well as directly to those we serve. Sign up and share a class from the list below or jump to replays of previous classes.

NTMWD and Texas A&M AgriLife Virtual Lunch and Learn Series

Aug 30: Don’t Waste a Drop – Drip Irrigation Basics

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to water plants, as it follows one of the most important principles of efficient watering: low and slow. Learn how to save water in this class that will provide an overview of drip irrigation including how and where drip can be used in the landscape, different components that can be used to build your custom drip system, and tips for making simple conversions.

  • Speaker: Dean Minchillo, Extension Program Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife
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Speaker Bios

Brad Voss is the County Extension Agent for Horticulture with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Collin County. In this role, he provides research-based information and educational programs to residents, landowners, and horticultural producers in Collin County. He holds a B.S. with honors in Agricultural Sciences and an M.S. in Agricultural Sciences from Texas A&M University – Commerce. His specialties are soil science and fertility, plant nutrition, and integrated pest management. Brad likes discussing the ins and outs of our Blackland soils and helping folks get the most out of them. Brad and his wife, Audrey, have two boys, Owen and Rhys.

Dean Minchillo is an extension program specialist II with the Urban WISH team. In his role, Dean combines his expertise in water conservation and passion for the environment to build sustainable extension programs that support the Texas A&M AgriLife mission by delivering research-based, locally relevant and beneficial programing to promote the protection of Texas’ natural resources. Dean has close to 20 years of experience working with water conservation program development, management and implementation with some of the most active organizations in Texas.

Dr. Becky Bowling is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist for Urban Water with Texas A&M AgriLife. She is the AgriLife Extension lead for the Urban Water Innovation and Sustainability Hub at the Dallas Center. In her position, Dr. Bowling works jointly with AgriLife Research and with AgriLife Extension’s extensive network of Specialists, Regional Program Leaders, and County Extension Agents to develop and deliver outreach programming and resources to critical audiences on the topics of environmental stewardship, water conservation and water quality protection for urban landscapes and beyond. Through her work, Dr. Bowling strives to build and maintain relationships with a wide range of influential stakeholders and regulatory agencies to ensure that the urban water Extension program reflects the needs and priorities of its diverse clientele throughout the state.

Native Plant Giveaway – A Special Thank You

For attending any of the classes in this series, we have a giveaway. Each time you attend one of these class, you earn an entry for a drawing for native Texas plants! Attend more classes, earn more entries for the drawing.

Giveaway Details

Each time you attend one of these free, virtual classes, you earn an entry for a drawing for up to 5 native plants. The maximum number of entries for one person is 7. Each class you attend is an entry for the drawing. You must log in the class and stay for at least thirty minutes. The plants are in one gallon pots and must be picked up at 501 E Brown St, Wylie, TX during September 2022. Prize deliveries are not available. Exact time and details of pick up will be coordinated with each winner. There will be 1-4 randomly selected winners. Each winner will receive up to 5 native plants. Winners will be contacted through the email used to register for the online class. If a winner does not respond to the email within 2 days, or pick up the plants on the agree upon day, a new winner will be selected.

Water Is Awesome
City of Dallas, North Texas Municipal Water District and Tarrant Regional Water District  have teamed up on a regional water conservation campaign to increase the adoption of water saving behaviors, reduce water waste and promote the importance of water and the value it provides in our communities. The plants in this giveaway were used in the 2022 Water is Awesome video, Water Neighborly. The plants came from Texas Discovery Gardens, a non-profit native garden and butterfly house in Dallas, Texas.


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Previous classes:

Aug 23: What’s in the box? Demystifying Your Sprinkler Controller

Understanding your sprinkler system controller is essential to program your sprinkler system to work best for you and your landscape. In this class, learn how to program your control box and apply those skills to utilizing watering recommendations from tools like the WaterMyYard program.

  • Speaker: Dean Minchillo, Extension Program Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife
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Aug 2: Beat the Heat, North Texas Summer Lawn Care Guide

Great lawn management means not only adopting the right practices but implementing them at the right time to work for YOU. This class will offer up a timeline for how to properly care for your turfgrass lawn from spring to fall. Learn the basics on appropriate watering, fertilization, cultivation, and pest management practices year-round. Attendees will also be introduced to useful tools including the WaterMyYard program and more.

  • Speaker: Dr. Becky Bowling, Assistant Professor & Extension Urban Water Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife
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July 19: Efficient Irrigation Systems – Easy Repairs and Trouble Shooting

The smallest fixes can make the biggest difference when it comes to your sprinkler system. In this class, learn how to adjust heads, replace heads, and make other small repairs as needed to keep your system running smoothly. By learning these simple tips, you can improve water-use efficiency, and reduce water waste by preventing leaks and evaporation.

  • Speaker: Dean Minchillo, Extension Program Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife
  • Due to technical difficulties, there is no recording

July 12: Sprinkler Secrets – What the Spray!

Sprinkler systems don’t have to be a mystery. Getting to know your system is one of the best ways to save time, money, and water in your landscape. In this class, learn more about what sprinkler systems do, how they work, and how much water you might really be putting out. Attendees will have the opportunity to get to know their irrigation system controller, with tips on how to program their system to match with WaterMyYard recommendations.

  • Speaker: Dean Minchillo, Extension Program Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife
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June 21: Drought Proof Your Landscape

The most successful North Texas landscapes are always prepared for drought to hit. In this class, you will learn about the value of using native and adaptive plants in your landscape, while also learning about easy practices you can adopt to help you save water and protect your plants from some of our harshest weather. Learn about tools such as soil moisture meters, the WaterMyYard program, and the Earth-Kind Plant Selector.

  • Speaker: Brad Voss, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Horticulture Agent for Collin County
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June 28: Green with Envy – Getting to Know North Texas Turfgrasses

Curious about the grasses most common to North Texas landscapes? This class has you covered. Learn more about dominant turfgrass species, cultivars and their unique characteristics so that you can choose the right grass for you. This class will also cover the benefits of properly-managed turfgrass, and share background on a new 3-year study that will help further guide the most water-efficient lawn practices for North Texas.

  • Speaker: Dr. Becky Bowling, Assistant Professor & Extension Urban Water Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife
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