Crews Lay First Pipe for Raw Water Pipeline from Bois d’Arc Lake

To transport raw water from the future Bois d’Arc Lake to users in the 80 communities served by NTMWD, it requires 35 miles of 90-inch pipeline to go from the lake to the treatment plant. Crews with Garney Construction and Oscar Renda Contracting installed the first section of pipeline in Fannin County. Northwest Pipe Company and Thompson Pipe Group manufacture the pipe, and each section is 50 ft. long, weighing around 25,000 lbs.

“It’s no small job,” explained Fain Butler, Assistant Construction Manager for the Bois d’Arc Lake project. “Four to five crews will be working simultaneously to lay the approximately 3,696 total pieces of pipe.” Installation will continue until summer 2021.

Once fully installed, this section of pipeline will move untreated water from the lake, located northeast of Bonham, Texas, to a new water treatment plant under construction near Leonard. It will be able to carry up to 236 million gallons of water daily, and the reservoir and pipeline will provide secure long-term water supplies to sustain the future of our growing region. Bois d’Arc Lake, and the construction surrounding it and its components, provides a significant boost the local economy.

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