Don’t Pour Holiday Grease Down the Drain

The long holiday season with its fried turkeys and buttery foods, can be hard on pipes and sewer systems. When fats, oils and grease are washed down the drain, they stick to the inside of pipes, hardening and building up until they cause clogs and sewer backups. When that happens, clean up and repairs can be costly for everyone.

Instead of washing your grease down the drain, participate in the Holiday Grease Roundup and recycle it for free! The 2019 Holiday Grease Roundup kicks off Monday, November 25, and ends Monday, January 6. The collected cooking oil and grease will be recycled into biodiesel or biogas, which reduces landfill waste and produces an alternative fuel that is clean and green.

Environmental Services Building (drop-off site behind building)
201 E. Brown St., Wylie, TX 75098

For other drop-off locations or other city services, visit