NTMWD is a statewide leader in water conservation education.

We have invested in several education campaigns that inform consumers and businesses about where their water comes from and how they can save water through efficiency. Our programs include:

Water IQ: Know Your Water

wateriq-2016When you know more, you water better. When the Texas Water Development Board first created the Water IQ campaign, NTMWD was the first to jump on board. Water IQ was the first public awareness program in the state to educate people about local water resources and how to conserve. According to research, they found that people tend to use water more wisely and efficiently when they know where their water comes from. The North Texas WaterIQ campaign is dedicated to educating the 1.6 million residents we serve about their local water sources. North Texas Water IQ is a great online collection of easy, everyday water-saving tips, resources and information.

Learn more about your water by visiting the North Texas Water IQ website.

Water My Yard

watermyyard-2016It is possible to use less water and have a healthy, attractive landscape. NTMWD sponsors the Water My Yard program to inform North Texas residents how much to water their yards. Nearly 50 percent of landscape water is wasted due to overwatering, inefficient watering, or broken and poorly maintained sprinkler systems.

By signing up for a weekly email or text message, consumers learn how much to water their yards based on the real-time data for natural precipitation and weather conditions. A healthy yard needs less water than you think. Texas A&M’s Agrilife Extension Service provides the science behind this easy-to-use outdoor water saving tool.

Learn more and sign up for email or text alerts by visiting the Water My Yard website.


water4otter-2016NTMWD’s water conservation campaign aimed at students and their parents is known as Water4Otter. Otis the Otter encourages students to become Water Spotters that spot wasteful watering practices and protect his home in Lavon Lake. With the help of Farah the Fox and Bob the Bobcat, children and their parents learn about Lavon Lake and the surrounding watershed that supports the lives of these animals and many more. Launched in 2014 to 30 schools, the program connects the water we drink to the water needed to support wildlife and the environment.

Learn about Otis and friends and download a free app by visiting the Water4Otter website.