Every day can be a green Father’s Day!

Water Expert Denise Hickey and Horticulturalist Patrick Dickinson shared some green ideas for the techie side of dads as well as his green thumb on their most recent visit to WFAA.

Stay Charged When Working Outdoors

  • Who doesn’t want a weatherproof solar phone charger? It helps you work in the yard while keeping your phone charged. Many of the new weather-based controllers are compatible with smart phone operations.
  • There’s so much great battery-powered lawn equipment on the market today! No more long, cumbersome extension cords to trip you up, and you can avoid the mess and environmental impact of gasoline-powered equipment.
  • Bonus tip – make sure to get an extra battery or purchase products with interchangeable batteries.

Keep Your Lawn and Landscape Hydrated and Fed

  • It’s important to keep things watered while lessening the impact on the environment.  The best way is to harvest rainwater with a rain barrel allowing you to put water back into your garden and lawn.
  • Check your garden hoses – studies show lots of hoses on the market today still leach chemicals and even lead. Get a BPA-free garden hose to take better care of the environment.
  • Convert those kitchen scraps into the important nutrients your garden or lawn needs by using a composting kitchen trashcan. If you don’t want to wait, get a can that composts fast allowing you to add it back to the garden quickly.

For more information on some great ideas for going green this summer, visit WaterUniversity.tamu.edu. You can also go to WaterMyYard.org to learn when to water and when to wait. Remember – it’s going to be a hot summer, so drink lots of water and wear sunscreen when outdoors.