With so many people in North Texas counting on the essential services we provide, smart planning and strong finances are necessary to responsibly plan and fund the critical infrastructure needed to ensure continued reliable water, wastewater and solid waste services for our growing region.

With a service area covering 10 counties and more than 2,200 square miles, capital and maintenance needs make up the bulk of the annual budget for NTMWD.

Large capital projects – like building a new reservoir – take years to plan, permit and construct and are essential to support future service needs. The system also needs ongoing maintenance and improvements to maintain public health and safety. This requires extensive funding and resources to ensure efficiency and compliance. We design our annual budget to account for these challenges and responsibilities.

To provide sufficient resources to fund capital projects, cover operations and maintenance expenses and manage debt incurred from bond sales, we make 20-year water rate projections for our water system and 10-year cost projections for the wastewater, interceptor and solid waste systems. These are updated annually.

Rates Calculations

Learn more about how our rates & charges are calculated for water and wastewater services.

NTMWD Statement on PUC Ruling for Water Rate Methodology Review

Budget and Rates Fact Sheet

Annual Budget

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

Annual Reports

Outstanding Debt Obligations

Financial Archives

You can access all past copies of the CAFR, Annual Budgets or Annual Reports, and Strategic Financial Plans from our archives in file cloud. The password for access is: NTMWD

Strategic Financial Plans

The following are 1-2 page summaries representing the long term forecast, for Member Costs, Total Costs and Expected Flows / Tonnage, for each of the District’s Operating Systems.  Each summary compares the current forecast with the prior year’s forecast along with key drivers.

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Certificate

House Bill 3693 Compliance Reports