Green Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb Enthusiasts

Bummed because you missed our Mother’s Day segment on WFAA? Well, don’t wait until next year to celebrate the women who helped shape our lives! Check out this recap of the show with some green ideas to get Mom something out of the “norm” all year-round.


  • Not just for organic moms! Grow your own food so you know what your family is eating and enjoy a great learning and bonding activity with the kids.
  • Having a home-grown organic garden cuts down on monthly grocery expenses.
  • Reap the health benefits from reconnecting with nature, exercise while planting, and eating healthy homegrown foods.


  • If it came from the ground, why throw it away when you can compost it?!
  • Composting helps make a rich soil for your garden to grow.
  • The more you compost, the lower food waste goes to landfills.


  • Planting a tree with kids or grandkids gives back so many memories as you watch it grow and flourish together for years to come.


  • Reduce your family’s overall water consumption and carbon footprint.
  • It’s free water from the sky to help water your yard!
  • Building and decorating the rain barrel can be a family affair. It’s a great activity for the kids or grandkids and, once it’s done, it’s like having your own art piece in the landscape!


  • With all of these outdoor projects, you are going to need a wheel barrow to help make everything goes smoothly.
  • Pick out a sturdy wheel barrow, fill it with a variety of water saving and landscaping necessities such as a good spade and shovel for planting Texas native and adapted plants, a soaker hose, a rain gauge, yard gloves and a kneeling cushion.

Of course, the best gift of all for our loved ones is the gift of time. Get out in the garden together to plant, pull weeds, and maintain the beauty of the outdoors together.

For more information on lawns, plants and best practices for a healthier landscape check out And to know how much water your lawn needs, go to learn when to water and when to wait.