Texas Leaders Help Promote Water Conservation

Throughout the year, Texas legends will be encouraging water conservation with native or adapted plants through a series of public service announcements. Join the campaign and #PledgeToPlantSmart.

Luci Baines Johnson pledges to plant smart

Luci Baines Johnson says planting native flowers was her mother, Lady Bird Johnson’s, greatest joy. “She wanted California to look like California, Vermont like Vermont, and Texas to look like Texas,” she says. Lady Bird’s daughter encourages Texans to conserve water and create beauty by planting native. Learn more about water conservation at www.wateriq.org.

Geroge P. Bush pledges to plant smart

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush says the water efficient Barbara Bush Tea Rose is one of his personal favorites because “just like my grandmother, it stands strong in this unpredictable Texas climate.” Learn about your water at www.wateriq.org.

Nolan Ryan pledges to plant smart

Texas legend Nolan Ryan is pitching the pros of water conservation. The National Baseball Hall of Famer says, “Planting Texas native or adapted plants will make you a hit for generations because they’re water efficient.” He says the drought tolerant Texas Red Yucca is a personal favorite. Join Nolan Ryan. Pledge to Plant Smart. Get more water saving tips at www.WaterMyYard.org.