Historic Year for Projects at NTMWD

2019 is a historic year for projects at the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Maintaining, replacing and expanding infrastructure to serve a fast-growing population all contribute to this extremely active year. NTMWD is actively working on more than $2 billion in construction projects.

Just a few years ago in fiscal year (FY) 2014, the approved budget for the District’s capital improvement program (CIP) was $93 million. Just three years later in FY 2017, the District’s CIP budget grew exponentially to $502 million. For the current fiscal year, the approved CIP budget is $902 million. Replacing, maintaining and expanding our water and wastewater systems are the key drivers of this budgetary rise.

Significant projects under construction today like Bois d’Arc Lake with pumping, treatment and delivery systems; upgrading and expanding the Wylie Water Treatment facilities; the Trinity River Main Stem Pump Station and Pipeline; and the Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion, are all needed now to keep up with current and projected growth in the service area. When completed, these projects will also require ongoing NTMWD operations support, including staffing and maintenance, to continuing providing reliable services.

As major projects like these are completed, NTMWD forecasts a lower capital improvement program in the coming years. In FY 2020, the District is projecting $611 million needed in funding, while five years from now, the forecast CIP budget is an estimated $379 million.

In 1956, our first year of service, NTMWD provided water to 32,000 people. Today, NTMWD provides water services to 1.7 million people, and projections show that number increasing to 3.7 million people by the year 2070. It’s not just water. NTMWD provides vital wastewater and solid waste services to a growing population of North Texans as well. Maintaining, replacing and upgrading infrastructure and meeting the demands of that increasing population are just two of the reasons 2019 has been a historic year for projects at NTMWD.