While many of these resources are available to the general public on our website, we have provided them here for ease of download for Member Cities and Customers’ Communication teams.

The Temporary Change in Disinfectant fact sheet is available as a single-page layout for web viewing. This document intended as a quick overview containing information from all of the various resources to be used as a handout at meetings, events and to provide leadership with brief informational resource.

We have developed two FAQs:  the short form that covers the top eight questions in an infographic style, and a long form version that covers an extensive set of FAQs.

We updated some key messages to be used internally when responding to questions from the general public or media.


The video interviews with Dr. Phillips are also available for view on our website and YouTube channel:  health questions about temporary change and health questions about disinfection by-products. You can download the original MP4 files from the filecloud link below.

As promised at the communications meeting this week, here is the link to the End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas.  Also attached is the email identifying the direct contact for getting information out to this organization about changes/challenges in water supply.  https://www.esrdnetwork.org/  Change in Water Disinfection

Sample text for notification letters and responses:

View and download all documents from the filecloud.