Long-term planning critical to wastewater’s future

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Long-term planning is a critical role of the NTMWD Wastewater division. The District must work closely with wastewater Member Cities to make sure the regional systems have the capacity necessary as demands increase.  Steve Massey, Director of the Community Services Department for the City of Allen, shared how he and his team benefitted from collaborating with the District to help refine plans for future growth.

The team met specifically to review plans for the Upper East Fork Interceptor System (UEFIS) and Regional Wastewater System dynamic capacity modeling effort coming up in 2018. The Allen staff participants included the wastewater team at superintendent and foreman levels and eventually brought in Geographic Information Services (GIS) and Auto-CADD technicians. Working as a consultant for NTMWD, the CH2M team came with the model of the City of Allen’s wastewater system loaded into their capacity software.

The group worked together to correct nearly 40 sewer system connection issues and inconsistencies identified by CH2M. Massey shared this about the benefits and results of the meeting:

“Our combined efforts and knowledge allowed the team to work out every issue and correct inconsistencies between the CADD and GIS systems and the City of Allen. Lots of details were exchanged, agreements were forged collaboratively, and relationships were reinforced and strengthened.”

Wastewater treatment is a key service for NTMWD, and the District must work closely with the Member Cities to make sure the wastewater system has the capacity necessary as demands increase.  “Keeping an open line of communication with utility officials in Member Cities is critical for planning efforts,” said Massey. “CH2M was impressive in the exchange, and I feel assured that we are on a path to work collaboratively to produce a model that will accurately assess our UEFIS capacity, help develop our long-range UEFIS Capital Improvement needs, and fulfill our commitments to the EPA as part of the Regional Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance Coordination Plan (RCMOM).”

NTMWD is working with all its wastewater Member Cities and Customers to share and validate data used in the modeling to ensure planning is based on the most accurate information.