National Chemistry Week: Inside the life of a water quality expert

Lab employee Kristen Suprobo’s job is far more to her than just a source of income. It channels her knack for scientific problem-solving in a way that cares for her family, friends, and community in Plano, Texas. That’s why we are highlighting our lab during National Chemistry Week from Oct. 22-28.

Born and raised in San Angelo, Kristen can’t remember a time when she wasn’t fascinated with science and nature. She studied chemistry and mathematics at Angelo State University and chemistry again with an emphasis in polymers at Texas State University-San Marcos for her master’s degree.

After graduation, Kristen immediately began putting her expertise to work in ways that mattered to her local community. For five years, she worked for the City of Waco as an Environmental Inspector, a job that prepared her well for subsequent positions as Senior Lab Technician and Quality Assurance Officer at NTMWD.

“I really enjoy working with our analysts to find ways to meet the requirements of TCEQ, our accreditation body, while improving efficiency.” Kristen explained, “I enjoy the challenge because I get to use my creative side, too!”

The dedication not only serves the region. It also helps provide clean water for her husband and two children who live with her in Plano. Since her promotion to officer in February 2017, Kristen has been busy updating the facility laboratory to make sure that it satisfies all new regulations to guarantee the best water for everyone in the city she calls home.

“Water is such an essential part of our lives,” said Kristen. “I’m proud do my part to ensure the quality of our water so I know it’s safe for me and my kids when we’re at home.”