New Conservation Campaign Underway – “Love Lavon Lake”

“Love Lavon Lake” is a new conservation campaign designed to help North Texans know their primary water source.

As North Texans get set to dive into longer days and 100 degree-plus temperatures, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has announced the launch of a new “Water IQ” summer awareness and conservation campaign called “Love Lavon Lake.”

The campaign’s call to action, “Conserve your water source. Love Lavon Lake,” makes the connection between enjoying the lake in the hot summer months and appreciating its importance as a water source for everyday use such as gardening, clean laundry, a hot shower, and even a glass of Texas sweet tea.

“North Texas is home to some of the nation’s fastest-growing cities,” said NTMWD Executive Director Tom Kula. “Having a safe, clean, reliable water source is critical to our region’s economy and quality of life. Over the hot summer months ahead, it’s critical to be efficient with the limited water sources we have.”

The new “Love Lavon Lake” campaign is based on market research showing the more people know the source of their drinking water, the more likely they are to use it wisely and efficiently. A new study conducted for NTMWD indicates 43 percent of NTMWD customers can identify Lavon Lake as the primary water source for their drinking water.* (Baselice & Associates, December 11-16, 2017, n=500, margin of error ±4.4%). The research also indicates that the North Texans who say they definitely know their water source are more likely to conserve every chance they get.

“Love Lavon Lake,” which launches June 18, 2018, includes billboards, print ads, movie theater ads, digital ads, and social media. The campaign’s 15-second spots are available on the NTMWD You Tube Channel.

Since NTMWD launched the first Water IQ campaign in 2006, the district has been able to curb projected peak day consumption in the region by 200 million to 400 million gallons every summer.