NTMWD Public Education Celebrate Earth Day in Anna, Texas

As one of our Customer Cities, Anna celebrated Earth Day 2022 with their first annual family event at Slayter Creek Park on Saturday, April 30. NTMWD Public Education Manager Helen Dulac was on hand with our outreach booth to greet visitors and give them the opportunity to play a disc-drop game towards winning Earth Day give-aways. Nearly two hundred attendees stopped by to learn about critical water conservation efforts needed for future water supply and get tips on how best do protect this most precious resource. Staff handed out stainless steel drinking straws, native/adapted plant cards, WaterMyYard.org seed cards, toilet leak detection tablets and brochures, pencils, Water4Otter.org clings, Otis stickers, coloring books, and reusable Defend Your Drains grease can lids.

Anna is an indirect water customer of NTMWD, receiving its water from our direct customer, Greater Texoma Utility Authority (GTUA), and is also an NTMWD wastewater partner.