NTMWD Requests Continued Water Conservation for Essential Use

February 19, 2021 — UPDATE

Thanks to very proactive action taken across the region by residents and water utilities, NTMWD has been able to produce enough treated water to meet basic water demands. Crews have also been successful in increasing treatment capacity for city and utility water towers and storage tanks. More water is needed, and it will take some days to fill all towers and tanks. NTMWD requests that everyone continue to use water only for what is needed and to isolate any water leaks immediately. Our crews will continue to work around the clock to improve and maintain the availability of water for all those we serve.

We ask that everyone continue to conserve over the next several days and limit non-essential water use. As our region begins to thaw out from this historic freeze, some areas will see an increase in ruptured pipes which has an effect on system-wide water availability. Residents can help by limiting use of washing machines, dishwashers and limiting showers or bathing. Small measures like this are vital to ensuring water for firefighting, medical facilities, and basic human health and sanitation.

As home heat is restored and temperatures rise above freezing over the next few days, please drip faucets only where necessary and keep cabinet doors open to expose piping to home heat. Continue measures to protect outdoor hose bibs and faucets.

As a reminder, NTMWD is a wholesale water provider, and we recommend contacting your direct water utility to report outages or for any updates with service to your area. We have a list of our Member Cities and Customers on our website.


If you experience a broken pipe, immediately shut off your water main valve. If you need assistance, contact your city or water utility provider. We have more information on what to do if you have a broken pipe on our website.