We understand there are numerous questions about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. First and foremost, the water we provide is safe and reliable to drink and use everyday. Our operators and lab technicians continue working 24/7 to provide this essential service.

In accordance with the most recent recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, NTMWD administrative offices in Wylie (501 & 505 E. Brown St.) are now closed to the public with limited staff working on site.

  • Water and wastewater operations continuing 24/7 essential services to provide essential services and serve our communities.
  • Solid waste facilities remain open normal hours.
    • For questions regarding solid waste member city yard waste drop off call Texas Pure at 972-769-4150.
    • Check out this handy guide so you’ll “know before you go” to drop off your waste.
  • The Environmental Services Lab sample receiving remains open with revised procedures.
  • Other support staff working remotely. Contractors and consultants conducting business with the District should call to make appointments or conduct business over the phone when possible.

For questions, contact our main office at 972-442-5405. For the latest information, see updates below.

Tap water is safe from COVID-19

NTMWD reminds everyone to be on alert for any scams, including by phone or in-person attempts to frighten residents about the safety of their tap water. The disinfectants used to treat NTMWD drinking water are effective against COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states, “There is no evidence showing anyone has gotten COVID-19 through drinking water, recreational water, or wastewater.”

We continue to monitor the water quality and maintain the distribution system to provide this vital resource in the battle against this coronavirus. Most utilities will not come to your home without a previously scheduled visit and will be in uniform with proper identification. Call your utility company to confirm visits in your area before letting someone in your home or giving them your information. If you feel you have been the victim of fraud, please contact your local law enforcement. 

What Our Cities/Local Water Providers Need to Know

  • Water Safety Advisory Related to Reopening Buildings – Business owners, facility managers advised to flush building plumbing systems before reopening. As state, county and local officials begin to prepare to allow for some businesses and facilities to reopen, health officials and water experts are advising building owners and managers to take steps to ensure water safety in buildings that have been closed the past several weeks. Read more
  • Our water remains safe and reliable. COVID-19 is not impacting drinking water or our capacity to produce water on a daily basis.
  • Essential services will not be interrupted. While our main offices in Wylie are closed to the public with limited staffing, our water, wastewater and solid waste operators continue their mission essential work. Our Continuity of Operations Plan is in effect and we are cross-training and preparing to maintain appropriate staffing levels regardless of changing circumstances. Contractors are asked to make appointments or call rather than visit our facilities unless critical to support work on site.
  • Our laboratory’s sample receiving practices have been modified. Public works staff bringing samples to our lab are being asked to enter the facility one at a time, with only one representative from each city or water district. Social distancing measures are being taken during these interactions.
  • We need your help informing residents to not flush disinfecting wipes or any paper products except toilet paper. As these products have flown off the shelves, we must inform people that flushing these into the system will cause costly wastewater system issues, including potential back-ups in their home. Visit DefendYourDrainsNorthTexas.com and share this critical message with your community. See recent news release reminder.

What the General Public Needs to Know

  • We are working closely with the cities/local water providers we serve and urge you to follow your local providers website and social media for updates as well as NTMWD on social media.
  • We have state-of-the-art water treatment processes in place – using ozone for primary disinfection and chlorine/chloramines for disinfection throughout the water distribution system at levels required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).
  • NTMWD continuously monitors disinfection levels in treated water and wastewater to ensure compliance with public and environmental health standards. Our water is safe and reliable to drink and use everyday.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) stated the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies, and the risk to water supplies is low.
  • Coronaviruses (and other viruses) do not persist in chlorinated/chloraminated waters, such as those used in the water treatment process and the transmission of drinking water.
  • Standard municipal wastewater system disinfection practices, including ultraviolet irradiation and/or chlorination, are effective in controlling the virus provided utilities monitor and maintain required disinfection levels during treatment.
  • NTMWD will adjust response plans as needed to ensure continuity of operations and is taking the following initial actions to keep our employees, partners, contractors and vendors safe and healthy:
    • Observing all CDC recommendations, including requiring self-quarantine for employees who:
      • recently traveled outside the continental U.S. or took a cruise
      • have been exposed in close proximity to someone who has/may have the virus
      • exhibited flu like symptoms
      • are vulnerable to infections
    • Reducing or freezing all nonessential business travel.
    • Using remote and virtual methods to meet with members of the public and vendors, where possible.
    • Postponing all NTMWD hosted events and large meetings.
    • Increasing the cleaning and disinfecting of work areas.
    • Distancing personnel by having some employees work from home, where possible, to reduce potential exposure to essential employees and those whose jobs cannot be done remotely.


SAFETY OF WATER, WASTEWATER & SOLID WASTE SERVICES – Our staff for water, wastewater and some solid waste services continue around-the-clock, non-stop operations to ensure those we serve have access to these safe and reliable essential services. Not only do we serve North Texas, we live here, too. We encourage you to share the timely reminders and assurances about these services across social media channels.

NO NEED TO STOCKPILE WATER BOTTLES – Our tap water is safe to drink and bottled water isn’t necessary. Public water systems such as NTMWD meet or surpass strict federal and state standards set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Our operators and lab technicians will continue working 24/7 to provide safe and reliable water for those we serve.

ONLY FLUSH TOILET PAPER, PEE AND POO – Do your part to KEEP WIPES OUT OF PIPES! Wipes labeled as “flushable” or “disposable” and other products such as paper towels, Kleenex, cotton swabs, etc., do not break down and cause clogs in sewer systems creating costly repairs. Visit DefendYourDrainsNorthTexas.com and share this critical message with your community, family and friends.

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