NTMWD’s Drought Contingency Planning Makes the Cover of The Georgia Operator Spring Edition

Texas isn’t the only state with challenging drought seasons. In the most recent issue of The Georgia Operator, NTMWD’s drought history and contingency planning were featured as a case study on modeling and adopting seasonal drought triggers.

Researched and written by Jeremy Rice and Paula Feldman of Freese and Nichols, the article features an overview of NTMWD and the challenges faced during severe droughts. An in-depth analysis of the NTMWD Model Water Conservation Plans and Water Resource Emergency Management Plans is presented to highlight similarities that occur during hot summer months in the southern states. Even thought NTMWD has not had to implement drought triggers adopted in the 2019 WREMP, weather patterns indicate it is not a matter of if another drought will occur, but when.

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The Georgia Operator is a quarterly magazine published by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals that offers in-depth technical articles on a variety of topics, from operations issues to engineering studies.