Being a good neighbor is important to NTMWD.  We use proven, reliable technologies at our facilities to treat odorous air prior to release.  Our goal is to operate without our neighbors noticing we are there.

We have a dedicated crew to maintain our odor control equipment and respond to the infrequent complaint.  They are trained to respond quickly, identify source of the odor, and make necessary adjustments. If you have a question or concern about odor at any of our facilities, please contact (469) 626-4900 and one of our staff members who specializes in odor control will respond.


Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive about odor at our wastewater facilities:

  • What's that smell?

    Sometimes described as earthy or organic, foul odors at treatment plants typically come from decomposition of organic compounds. A natural by-product is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which can give off the smell of rotten eggs.

  • What do wastewater facilities do to help control odor?

    The array of technologies available to help control odors has advanced significantly over the past few decades and NTMWD invests to minimize impact to our neighbors.  We evaluate the potential odor sources and select technologies that provide efficient, reliable service for the application.  Solutions include preventing release of odor from the wastewater into the air (liquid phase treatment) and collection and treatment of odorous air (vapor phase treatment).

  • Why does the strength of the odor vary so much from day to day?

    Not all odors are the same and can vary in intensity. Some are faint, while others are much more pungent.  Weather conditions can intensify odors and things like temperature, wind speed and direction can determine how far the odor drifts. Odors are typically worse at higher temperatures.

  • Does the smell pose any health risks?

    Even when odors are strongest, the air’s circulation significantly reduces the concentration to levels far below any that could be harmful by the time the smell is noticeable.

  • How do I report odors I think are coming from a wastewater treatment plant?

    Contact NTMWD at (469) 626-4900 for odor complaints so they may be investigated. This phone number is always staffed.