Supplying water to North Texas communities is how the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) got its start.

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Visionary leaders from 10 neighboring cities recognized the benefit of pooling resources to obtain water rights and build the infrastructure necessary to provide water for thousands of North Texas residents. Today, we serve 2 million people in about 80 communities in 10 counties, and our region is expected to double in size by 2050.

This system was necessary as Texas does not have any natural lakes of significant size. Reservoirs needed to be constructed to control flooding, and to collect and store surface water for treatment and delivery to meet regional water needs. Lavon Lake was the first reservoir constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to serve NTMWD communities, and it remains our largest water source today.

In addition to Lavon Lake, located in Collin County, we also obtain raw water from Lake Texoma on the Texas-Oklahoma border and the East Fork Water Reuse Project, located along the East Fork of the Trinity River. We also have water rights to, and obtain raw water from, Jim Chapman Lake (originally named Cooper Lake) on the South Sulpher River in Delta and Hopkins counties and Lake Tawakoni on the Sabine River in Rains and Van Zandt counties.

NTMWD owns and operates six water treatment plants, 695+ miles of water transmission pipelines, twenty major raw and treated water pump stations, and has six major water supply sources to meet the existing water needs of our service area.

To meet future water demands, we broke ground in 2018 on Bois d’Arc Lake in Fannin County, which eventually will provide 120,000 acre-feet of water per year to residents in North Texas.

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