Out & About with NTMWD Public Education & Outreach in July

July 21 – Healthy Lawns, Healthy Waters 

In an effort to promote sustainable water management and environmental awareness, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) collaborated with Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension services for Collin, Fannin, and Grayson counties to organize a comprehensive rainwater harvesting and turf management program in the City of Bonham.

The event brought together over thirty residents who were eager to learn about effective water conservation practices. AgriLife Extension specialists and representatives from NTMWD, the attendees discussed various aspects of watershed management.

The program kicked off with an informative session on rainwater harvesting techniques.  They were introduced to different rainwater collection systems, such as rain barrels, and learned how to install and maintain them effectively. The collaboration between NTMWD and Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension will continue these educational workshops to promote sustainable practices in water management and environmental stewardship throughout the region.

July 26 – Stream Trailer Training 

NTMWD Watershed and Public Education divisions collaborated to lead an informative watershed stream trailer certification program. This event was held in partnership with the City of Plano, which provided the venue and resources for the program. The certification program included attendees from various North Texas cities such as Allen, Princeton, Prosper, Plano, and McKinney. In addition to the municipal representatives, the event also saw participation from the dedicated and passionate Texas Master Naturalists.

The main focus of the certification program was to share the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct stream trailer presentations. The stream trailer is a specialized educational tool designed to simulate and demonstrate the watershed system. By using this interactive teaching aid, educators can effectively illustrate the crucial role of watersheds in the environment and highlight the impact of our impact on water quality. Throughout the certification program, participants received comprehensive training on how to handle and operate the stream trailer effectively. With the knowledge and skills gained from this program, these educators can now make an impact on their communities and contribute to the sustainable management of water resources in North Texas.

July 28 – Smart Irrigation Virtual Lunch and Learn 

Our NTMWD Public Education Specialist, Ted Pick hosted the return of the monthly Lunch and Learn series. Guest Speaker Ronny Nelson, the owner of Simply Horticulture, spoke to an audience of 33 communicators, educators, and residents about smart irrigation techniques for the North Texas region and how to discuss these techniques with private Irrigation and Landscaping companies.

Drawing from his own experiences, he shared valuable tips on how to engage in meaningful conversations with professionals in the industry. His advice included strategies for discussing the benefits of water-efficient practices, the importance of collaboration between homeowners and service providers, and the role of education within the community.

Watch the replay here.