Out & About with NTMWD Public Education & Outreach in December

The 2022 Holiday Grease Roundup runs through January 9th, 2023. There are many donation sites across Texas including the North Texas Municipal Water District, and Environmental Services building at 201 E. Brown St., Wylie, TX. Check out this video where we show you how to properly package your used cooking oil so it can be recycled into biofuel.

The NTMWD Public Education & Outreach Team welcomed the holiday season at A Garland Christmas at Firewheel on December 1, 2022, in a shared space with the City of Garland Water Utilities. The festivities included a game for children to win Water4Otter items while adults tried their luck at Plinko. The nearly 400 people who stopped by learned how to check their toilets for leaks, how to protect their pipes from clogs, how to recycle used cooking oil during the Holiday Grease Roundup, and the need to pick up after their pets.


Jenna Covington, NTMWD Executive Director, and General Manager was the keynote speaker at the North Central Texas Chapter of the Texas American Water Works Association holiday dinner on December 8, 2022. A crowd of 250 people enjoyed her unique presentation that combined information about the core values, essential services, and future planning at NTMWD with trivia. Trivia questions emphasized the three service areas of NTMWD and kept the audience engaged and entertained.

KLTV in Tyler interviewed Helen Dulac, NTMWD Public Education Manager, so she could share information on how to Defend Your Drains by properly disposing of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) during the holidays and every day. The segment explains how FOG builds up in pipes over time causing clogs that can be a costly repair for you and an environmental mess for your community. Watch the interview here.

Sprinkler systems are not a hot topic during the winter except when temperatures dip below freezing. Avoid stress, damage, and costly repairs with these winterization tips for your home and landscape. For details on how to prepare your irrigation system for the winter, check out the information shared in one of our Lunch & Learn sessions: here. Another tip, turn off your sprinkler systems until March or April. When do you turn your system back on? We have an app for that! Sign up for free, weekly watering advice at www.watermyyard.org so you know when to water and when to wait.

Public Education continues to build on the virtual Lunch & Learn series with a session in January and one in February. On January 20th, new homeowners can learn how to enhance their landscape with water-saving native plants. On February 8th, discover the secrets to our native clay soils by learning how to conduct a soil test. Registration is free and open to all.