Project Pipeline Newsletter – 2018 Q1 issue

Project Pipeline

As part of National Infrastructure Week, May 14-21, this edition of Project Pipeline highlights projects underway to address aging infrastructure and expand systems to meet the region’s growing needs. The NTMWD Board of Directors approved more than $268 million in funding for upcoming projects at the April Board Meeting – one of the largest amounts approved for one month in the District’s history. #TimeToBuild

In this issue, we cover an array of projects in water and wastewater:

  • New Reservoir Update
  • Trinity River Main Stem Pump Station & Pipeline
  • Wylie Water Treatment Plant Filter Improvements & Conversion to Biologically Active Filtration
  • Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Advanced Treatment and Headworks Improvements
  • Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion to 64 MGD
  • Rowlett Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (RWWTP)
  • 121 Regional Disposal Facility Sector 5 Excavation and Development
  • Forney Pipeline Repair
  • Business opportunities for contractors and consultants

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