Bois d’Arc Lake Project

Project Overview

The Bois d’Arc Lake project in Fannin County will be a critical new source of water for residents and businesses in all the north Texas communities served by the District.

The project is needed to meet the growing water demands of the region including Fannin County. The new source of water is part of a comprehensive long-range strategy NTMWD has developed to meet the region’s needs for several decades. The approach includes a continued commitment to water conservation and reuse, using and leveraging existing water supplies and sources, and building new sources of supplies.

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This will be the first new reservoir constructed in Texas in nearly three decades. NTMWD began permitting required for the project in 2003. The final permit was approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Feb. 2, 2018, and ground was broken May 25 of the same year with anticipated water delivery in 2022.”

The project will pipe water from the new lake 35 miles to a new water treatment plant to be constructed in Leonard.

Major components:

  1. Reservoir dam and intake
  2. Raw water pipeline
  3. Roadway improvements and bridge
  4. Environmental mitigation area

Other projects:

  1. Water treatment plant (initial capacity of 70 MGD – million gallons per day)
  2. 25-mile treated water pipeline

Project is essential to:

  • Meet water needs of up to 80 communities in North Texas, including Fannin County residents;
  • Enable use of additional water supplies from Lake Texoma;
  • Support economic growth in the region; and
  • Provide recreational opportunities, such as fishing and boating.

Quick facts:

  • Lake surface area: 16,641 acres (slightly smaller than Cooper Lake/Jim Chapman)
  • Storage capacity: 367,609 acre-feet
  • Firm Yield: 108 million gallons per day
  • Environmental mitigation: Improvements on 17,000+ acres
  • Estimated cost: $1.6 billion for lake and associated projects

Status (as of June 2018):

Economic benefits:

The reservoir will also benefit the Fannin County and the NTMWD service areas by providing stable water supplies that will enable communities to attract and support new businesses and jobs. Economic growth will accompany the development and construction of the reservoir with Fannin County projected to see a boost in taxable real estate values by an estimated $316 million. Additionally, recreational amenities provided by the reservoir could generate $166 million of annual economic activity per year in Fannin County through activities such as fishing and boating, as well as new industrial and commercial opportunities.*

*Based on 2015 updated independent analysis by T. Clower and B. Weinstein