Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir

Project Overview

With significant population growth expected to strain existing water resources, the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir (LBCR) is critical to meet future needs.

The LBCR project consists of five major components:

  1. Reservoir dam and intake
  2. 36 miles of 90-inch to 96-inch diameter raw water pipeline
  3. Water treatment plant (initial 70-140 MGD capacity)
  4. Roadway improvements and bridge
  5. Mitigation area

The Reservoir has three purposes:

  1. Provide water for Fannin County.
  2. Supplement water supplies for the larger NTMWD service area.
  3. Provide recreational opportunities for boating and fishing.

Economic growth will accompany the development and construction of the reservoir with Fannin County projected to see a boost in taxable real estate values by an estimated $316 million.

The reservoir will also benefit the Fannin County and the NTMWD service areas by providing additional water supplies to support projected growth in the region. Stable water supplies enable NTMWD communities to attract and support new businesses and jobs.

The recreational amenities provided by the reservoir could generate $166 million of annual economic activity per year in Fannin County through activities such as fishing and boating, as well as new industrial and commercial opportunities.*

*Based on 2015 updated independent analysis by T. Clower and B. Weinstein