McKinney-Prosper Transfer Sewer Pipeline

Project Overview

The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) service area is seeing significant growth. To effectively and proactively meet our community’s needs, NTMWD is designing and constructing the McKinney-Prosper Transfer Sewer Pipeline. This gravity interceptor would extend approximately 6.4 miles along the Wilson Creek corridor from south of Highway 380 and Ridge Road to the Wilson Creek Lift Station (near the former McKinney landfill).

NTMWD is currently in the design phase of this project. As part of our commitment and coordination with the city, NTMWD hosted a virtual information meeting on September 3, 2020.


Download September 3, 2020 Virtual Meeting Presentation

Project Benefits

The 2015 Upper East Fork Interceptor System (UEFIS) evaluation identified the need for additional capacity to transport flows from western McKinney and Prosper to the Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant or the new Sister Grove Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility which will be operational in 2023. The McKinney-Prosper Sewer Transfer Pipeline project will provide several benefits to McKinney and the District:

  • Serves long-term needs of McKinney and avoids future projects in the Wilson Creek corridor.
  • Restores existing City sewer capacity for the fast-growing portion of McKinney.
  • Provides an opportunity to remove aerial creek crossings in City’s system.

Proposed Pipeline Route


NTMWD Coordination with City of McKinney

NTMWD has worked closely with the City of McKinney on this project in order to convey wastewater for McKinney’s long-term needs and to avoid future projects in this corridor. Commitments the District made to the city as part of this project include:

  • Identify social and environmentally sensitive areas and work with the City to select proper alignments.
  • Evaluate trenchless construction methods when necessary to reduce impacts.
  • Work with City to coordinate with residents during design.
  • Mitigate tree removal, per City Standards.
  • Coordinate with City to understand sensitive parkland areas.
  • Coordinate with City on impacts to future park developments.

Proposed Project Schedule

Currently, NTWMD is in the design phase of this project. The McKinney-Prosper Transfer Sewer Pipeline project will be constructed in three phases.

  • Summer 2017-Summer 2021 – Project Design (Done in Phases)
  • Spring 2021-Summer 2022 – Phase I Construction
  • Fall 2021-Winter 2022 – Phase II Construction
  • Fall 2022-Fall 2023 – Phase III Construction