North System Expansions & Upgrades

Project Overview


WHY: To increase capacity in the north water transmission system

WHAT: One 6-mile pipeline to Princeton and one 5-mile pipeline to McKinney for delivery of treated drinking water

WHERE: Both pipelines intersect in McKinney near Airport Road and Hwy 380

WHEN: Design for McKinney to Princeton pipeline began in Nov. 2015. Construction started in July 2017. The project was completed in May 2018. Design for N. McKinney pipeline phase III began in June 2016. Construction began Sept. 2017 with the project completed in October 2019.

HOW MUCH: $26.5 million total; $9 million for McKinney to Princeton; $17.5 million for McKinney Pipeline Phase III



WHY: To enhance the reliability to maintain minimum required pressure and provide
additional ground storage of treated drinking water for the north transmission system

WHAT: Two ground storage tanks in the City of Allen with a total combined capacity of 27 million gallons of treated drinking water; One ground storage tank in McKinney with a capacity of 7 million gallons.

WHERE: Located near Exchange Pkwy and Junction Drive in Allen and near Virginia
Parkway and Independence Parkway in McKinney

WHEN: Design for the tanks in Allen began in December 2015. Construction started in September 2017. The tanks were completed and in service by January 2020. Design for the tank in McKinney began in October 2016. Construction began in January 2018. The tank site was completed and in service by October 2019. 

HOW MUCH: $27 million for all three storage tanks