Wylie Water Treatment Plant Operations Center

Project Overview

The new Wylie Water Treatment Plant Operations Center provides the space required for the modern technology and monitoring systems needed for a regional systems control room. The 14,343-square-foot one-story building also includes more office space, a training room and a small space for operators to quickly test water samples to help optimize treatment processes. A portion of the building is hardened to withstand high winds and airborne debris common during a tornado or other major storm event to ensure continuity of operations.

WHAT: The facility is the heart of regional water system operations. From here, operators control:

  • pipelines, pumps, valves and tanks for water coming in from various sources;
  • water flowing between plants and multiple steps of the treatment process; and,
  • distribution of treated water to city storage tanks.

WHEN:  Substantial completion on the $11.1 million project took place in December 2020, and staff began moving into the building in late January 2021.

Road Improvements

In addition to constructing the new building, NTMWD realigned Lynda Lane to eliminate an unsafe intersection and improve plant security and access for NTMWD vehicles operating between the water operations center and the water treatment plants.

The approximately 700-foot extension of Lynda Lane to Forrest Ross Road was constructed on the north side of the new water operations center. NTMWD paid 100% of the cost of this work.