Rowlett Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Building and Service Yard Copy

Project Overview

The Rowlett Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (RWWTP) is a permitted 24 MGD (million gallons per day) average daily flow plant located at 1600 Los Rios Boulevard in Plano. The City of Plano originally constructed the Rowlett Creek RWWTP in 1956 and operated the facility until the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTWMD) acquired it in October of 1975 after the city requested NTMWD take over operations. Since then, NTMWD has made numerous improvements and upgrades to the plant.

The latest improvements NTMWD is planning to make include constructing a new operations building to replace the current one and adding a service yard for contractors to stage equipment needed for construction. Neither of these projects will expand the footprint of the treatment process at this facility. In fact, these two improvements will allow the District to better utilize the treatment process footprint in the future.

As part of an interlocal agreement (ILA) with the City of Plano covering the property NTMWD purchased from the city, the District has two zoning cases before the Plano Planning and Zoning Commission to amend the current zoning. The cases would change the zoning from:

  • Agriculture (A) with a Specific Use Permit No. 4 for Sewage Treatment Plant TO Agriculture (A) with Specific Use Permit for Sewage Treatment Plant and Specific Use Permit for Service Yard.
  • Agriculture (A) TO Neighborhood Office (O-1)

The first bullet point covers the property that the plant itself is on, the new operations building as well as the future service yard. The second bullet point covers the property south of the new operations building which will remain a large treed area to screen the plant site.


The North Texas Municipal Water District held a virtual information meeting on this zoning case and project on November 9.


2020-11-09 Rowlett Creek RWWTP Meeting Presentation


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The operations building serves as the administrative offices and control room for the plant. The current building was constructed in the mid-1970s using technology and construction codes from that time and does not contain adequate facilities for staff. Currently, staff uses a temporary trailer for restroom, shower and locker facilities as well as breakroom needs. The new building will be 6,000 square feet and contain:

  • Office space;
  • A control room for the plant that utilizes current monitoring and control technologies;
  • Adequate breakroom, restroom, shower and locker facilities;
  • A conference and training room;
  • A small lab (16-ft by 12-ft) where some samples are quickly tested to optimize the treatment process and other samples are prepared for transport to our certified testing lab in Wylie.
  • Structurally hardened area around the control room and an adjacent storage room for employees to go during severe weather such as a tornado; and,
  • Proper HVAC mechanical systems for heating and cooling the building.

Additionally, NTMWD will plant trees around the new building and make other landscape improvements, including a new sidewalk on the property along Los Rios from 14th Street to the north end of the property.


Currently, there is very little space available for contractors to stage material and equipment essential to the projects that keep the plant in operation and in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. The new service yard would be located just south of the new operations building and would be screened from view on Los Rios and 14th Street by existing trees as well as additional trees that will be planted. An 8-foot tall intruder-resistant fence would enclose the entire yard.


  • More than 300 cedar trees planted on the property along Los Rios and 14th Street to shield the new building and the service yard from view.
  • NTMWD’s agreement with Plano requires that these trees provide a 6-foot-tall screen within two years of planting.
  • Constructing a 4-foot-wide sidewalk along Los Rios to the intersection of Los Rios Blvd and 14th
  • NTMWD will not expand the plant’s annual average daily treatment capacity beyond the current 24 million gallons per day (MGD).