South Mesquite Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Project Overview

WHAT: Plant improvements include the addition of three new cloth-media disc filters in place of older filter technology to remove suspended solids; demolition of out of service secondary clarifiers to make room for the new UV basin; construction of the new UV basin and install of the new UV equipment to disinfect the treated water, and construction of a new electrical building to house the power source for the new equipment.

WHY: To increase our filtration capacity and convert from chlorine disinfection to ultraviolet (UV) disinfection to meet regulatory requirements and improve plant safety.

WHERE: Located in Mesquite, serves cities of Forney, Heath, Mesquite, Rockwall and Seagoville.

WHEN: Final construction was completed in May 2021.

HOW MUCH: $10 million

  UV filter