Wylie Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Project Overview

The Wylie Water Treatment Plant consists of four individual plants at one location.

  1. Wylie WTP I (70 MGD)  Built in 3 Phases: 1956-1965
  2. Wylie WTP II (280 MGD)  Built in 4 Phases: 1972-1988
  3. Wylie WTP III (280 MGD)  Built in 3 Phases: 1995-2003
  4. Wylie WTP IV (140 MGD)  Built in 2008; Expansion underway

Currently, we have several different projects taking place as we expand and upgrade our plants.



WHY: To rehabilitate our 65-year-old water treatment plant and bring it up to modern standards, and fully utilize the capacity of existing storage at the Wylie Water Treatment Plant

WHAT: Rehabilitate clearwells and pump station; Install new interior lining; Replace junction gates, influent gates, and isolation valves; Install new pumping units, pipelines, and electrical instrumentation

STATUS:  Plant I is currently proceeding through its field demonstration tests of the new rapid mix and flocculation/sedimentation basins where the controls are tested ensuring the plant is running as designed before treating water and sending water to the distribution system. During the project, a new rapid mix station and two 35 MGD capacity flocculation and sedimentation basins were constructed, replacing the four original circular clariflocculators The four clariflocculators and original rapid mix basin were demolished to make room for the new facilities.  The new treatment plant includes the installation new chemical injection and storage, vertical shaft flocculator mixers, inclined plate settling units, sludge collection system, pumping units, electrical and communication instrumentation, flow meters, piping, valves, and junction slide gates.

WHERE: Located at the NTMWD Water Treatment Plant in Wylie

WHEN: Design began in 2014. Construction started in August 2016. Anticipated completion in August 2020.

HOW MUCH: $21 million



WHY: To improve the water treatment filtration process at Plant II and convert the system to Biologically Active Filters (BAF) to improve water quality

WHAT: Install biologically active filters; Replace 55 valves ranging from 12-36 inches in diameter; Replace filter underdrains; Install deeper filter media; Raise wash water troughs and gullet walls; Sandblast and coat filter walls

WHERE: Located at the NTMWD Water Treatment Plant in Wylie

WHEN: Board approved in Oct. 2012. Construction started in Dec. 2014. Completion expected through phased approach in 2021.

HOW MUCH: $15.6 million



WHY: To rehabilitate our 37-year-old sludge handling pump station and bring it up to modern standards and improved functionality

WHAT: Rehabilitate pump station; Install new submersible pumps, lagoon discharge lateral, suction and discharge piping; Replace discharge valves on existing sludge lagoon laterals; upgrade electrical instrumentation

WHERE: Located at the NTMWD Water Treatment Plant in Wylie

WHEN: Design began in 2014. Construction started in December 2016.

HOW MUCH: $1.8 million



WHY: To increase treatment capacity for the regional water system to meet future water demands

WHAT: 70 MGD expansion project will increase total treatment capacity to 840 MGD; New pumped rapid mix facilities; New flocculation and sedimentation basins; 10 new filters; New ozone disinfection facility; Additional chemical storage and feed facility

STATUS: Crews are conducting field demonstration tests in each area of the expansion. Sedimentation basins and filters are currently recirculating water back to the head of the plant while testing the chemical feed systems, and the new ozone generators and contactor are being completed and tested as well. Field demonstrations tests for the new ozone equipment will take approximately four weeks to complete.

WHERE: Located at NTMWD Water Treatment Plant in Wylie

WHEN: Construction started in January 2017. Scheduled to begin service in mid-August 2020.

HOW MUCH: $87 million