We understand that your property and your rights as a property owner are very important to you.

To expand and improve its services, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) must sometimes buy easements and a small number of properties to install pipelines, build pump stations, reservoirs, and water and wastewater treatment facilities as well as other related facilities.

We are committed to being a good neighbor. When it becomes necessary for NTMWD to buy an easement or a property from a landowner,  we strive to reach an agreement to pay you fair market value for the interest being acquired. During construction and operation of our facilities we also strive to be as least intrusive on your property as possible.

We want to work cooperatively with you during these transactions and throughout the construction and restoration of your property. During construction, we do our best to reduce disturbance and disruption. When work ends, our contractors restore your property.

The Process

NTMWD follows established local, state and federal guidelines in an effort to reach a fair and equitable resolution with every property owner. It is our goal to pay fair market value and just compensation for the interest acquired in the property which NTMWD requires to provide its service to the public.

NTMWD follows these general steps:

  1. We first determine if we need to purchase only an easement, part or all of your property for expansion or construction of a public property.
  2. We will contact you to discuss the project and to inform you that you will receive a document requesting permission to enter the property to conduct surveying for pre-construction evaluation and planning.
  3. A NTWMD team member will contact you to review the schedule, the type of acquisition and the construction process you can anticipate for your property.
  4. Often times real estate values are determined by knowledge of recent transactions or public record information. A real estate professional or licensed appraiser may also determine the value of the easement or property being acquired. If you do not agree with the amount offered, you are entitled to obtain your own appraisal or otherwise determine what you believe to be the value of your property.
  5. We extend a written offer to you and give you the opportunity to discuss the offer with us.
  6. If we can agree on the amount of compensation for your property interest acquired, you will be compensated the agreed amount.
  7. If an agreement cannot be reached, NTMWD will be required to file eminent domain proceedings and a court may be asked to decide your final compensation. However, it is NTMWD's goal to use this process only in instances where we simply cannot reach an agreement on price with the landowner.

For more information or questions, please contact us. You can also view the Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights from the Office of the Attorney General.