Raw water is the natural water (from rainwater, groundwater, surface water, well water, lakes and rivers) found in the environment that has not been treated nor had any minerals, ions, particles or organisms removed.

The characteristics and quality of raw water are as varied as the sources they come from depending on environmental conditions and pollution.

Raw water can carry a host of minerals, particles, microorganisms or pollution that makes the water unsafe to drink. At our headquarters in Wylie, Texas, we operate the largest fully-ozonated water treatment plant in the state and we take federal and state regulations for water treatment seriously.

Our primary sources of raw water are:

NTWMD obtained state water rights permits to store and divert water from these sources, but the lakes are managed and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Bois d’Arc Lake will be the first reservoir we fully own and operate. For our current reservoirs, we are only permitted to store a certain amount of water. Anything above that may be released downstream by the Corps as needed.

Lake Levels

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