Restoration of Over 17,000 Acres Showing Signs that Nature Is Taking Back Over

As NTMWD enters its fourth year of construction for Bois d’Arc Lake and all of the associated components, its contractor Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) nears completion on over 17,000 acres of environmental improvements to the former agricultural site known as Riverby Ranch. The staff at RES will begin to transition from construction to monitoring and maintenance as they reflect on the successful signs that Mother Nature is ready to take the reigns.

Work over the last three years includes dozens of miles of stream restoration, thousands of acres of manual habitat restoration like planting of grasslands and wetlands, and planting over six million trees. The success of the work is evident in more than seeing the plants take root and streams follow their restored path, it also means seeing wildlife and insects return in healthy numbers to sustain the entire ecosystem.

Watch the latest episode of Restoring at Scale and learn how the RES team is witnessing the shift back to nature in year four.

Restoring at Scale, Episode 18: Nature Reaches for the Reins (Captioned) from RES on Vimeo.