Shining the Light on Personnel – Imagine a Day Without Water

View a slideshow featuring some of our valuable team members who work behind the scenes every day to support water and wastewater needs across our region.

For more than sixty years, families and businesses in our region have been able to turn on the tap for safe, reliable water to drink and use every day. And for fifty of those years, when people across our region flush the toilet, shower, or wash clothes and dishes – our team has taken care of their wastewater, too. Access to these services is essential to public health and the quality of life we enjoy in North Texas. Often people don’t think much about the infrastructure that brings water to their homes, or collects and cleans it for its eventual return to the environment.

Each year, on October 23, the national Value of Water Campaign asks everyone to “Imagine a Day Without Water.” What would happen if no water was available at the tap? What would firefighters or hospitals do? What if there was no way to remove and clean wastewater? How quickly would public health be in danger?

Water infrastructure and facilities are the lifelines of our communities. During the month of October, NTMWD is joining thousands of other water utilities and agencies sharing stories to help remind people about the importance of maintaining existing infrastructure and the key workers behind making sure there is no interruption in service for safe water flowing to and from homes and businesses.

Stories like Jonathan Cotton, Wastewater Operator at Panther Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, who is able to document and monitor the various plant processes using the plant’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.





Or Kristen Suprobo, Environmental Program Manager, who in addition to being a chemist and mom in our service area, manages the industrial pretreatment program in our Environmental Services Laboratory.





And Kenneth Lattig, Shift Supervisor in Water Operations at the Wylie Water Treatment Plant Complex. It takes a dedicated team of professionals like Kenneth to help ensure our plants operate efficiently and effectively around the clock.





From Bois d’Arc Lake construction to planning for the new Sister Grove Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility to the recently completed Trinity River Main Stem Pump Station and Pipeline, the District is proud to be a leader in our industry to secure the future of water and wastewater for our region. At the same time, our continued investment in existing infrastructure remains fundamental to ensuring the millions we serve will have reliable water service today, and ensure a reliable water future for generations to come.