Temporary Partial Ozone Shut Down Due to Construction on Wylie Plant

UPDATE:  November 4, 2019 – Ozonation is back online fully at both of our ozone generation facilities at the Wylie Water Treatment Complex. Water produced during the temporary partial shutdown was continuously tested to ensure compliance with all drinking water standards, and remains safe to drink and use.



Water customers receiving water treated by NTMWD may notice a slight change in the way their water smells or tastes through October and into early November. The water remains safe to drink and use.

NTMWD will have one of two ozone generation facilities at our main water treatment complex in Wylie offline until the first week in November due to ongoing construction at Water Treatment Plant IV.  Plant IV is being expanded to accommodate growing water demands in North Texas. Until the offline facility is returned to full service, some NTMWD customers may notice a slight earthy smell. This change does not affect water quality which is monitored continuously and continues to meet or surpass all safe drinking water requirements.

For more information on water quality at NTMWD, please visit our website – NTMWD.com/Water-Quality.