Update on Conditions in Small Cove at Lavon Lake

We know there are questions about the recent reports of odor and materials found in a small cove about 2000 yards north of the Highland Park boat ramp at Lavon Lake. Here’s what we know as of today:

NTMWD has notified the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and other agencies as we work to monitor and determine any actions needed. The area is near the treated water discharge point for the Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment plant. Initial sampling shows that the material is not untreated (raw) sewage.

TCEQ visited the plant and discharge location on Tuesday, April 17 and didn’t observe any issues with the plant’s operations. We do know that heavy rains in late February and March caused the Wilson Creek plant to experience higher than normal flows for treatment. These excess flows likely resulted in organic material not being completely treated and filtered from the water leaving the plant. These particles appear to have settled and are naturally decomposing in the cove. As that decomposition occurs, gas bubbles and the materials are surfacing from the lake bottom. Warmer water temperatures are expected to increase this activity until the organic material fully decomposes. Water testing conducted in the area so far aligns with this activity.

We will continue monitoring and assessing conditions in the area. At this point, we have not observed any wildlife or environmental impacts that would be a cause for concern. We are asking the public to keep a distance from the area to allow crews to perform ongoing evaluation efforts.

The majority, if not all, lakes in the D-FW area have wastewater treatment plants that either discharge to them or to streams which flow into them. Generally, water from these treatment plants surpass requirements and is higher quality than what exists naturally in the lakes. Drinking water treatment and disinfection processes remove contaminants and harmful bacteria found in lakes and streams that come from a variety of sources, including wildlife, water run-off from agriculture and area roadways.

We understand your concerns and are committed to ensuring the safety of our water from Lavon Lake and our other water sources. We will take all appropriate measures to address any issues identified as the result of our evaluation. We will continue to provide information and facts about our water and wastewater treatment. To receive regular updates and alerts, please subscribe to News Stream.