Vertical Construction Progress Happening at NTMWD Sister Grove Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility

Building a new wastewater treatment plant requires a long period of digging down and constructing infrastructure below the surface. NTMWD’s Sister Grove Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility (RWRRF) began construction in Fall 2020, and we are finally seeing some vertical walls going up after over a year of work on the aeration basin, primary clarifier, secondary clarifiers, headworks, peak flow basin and drain pump station. In conjunction with building Sister Grove RWRRF, a new North McKinney lift station is also under construction.

Most major elements of the project are in progress – key highlights over the last several months include:

Sister Grove RWRRF –

  • Foundations poured for:
    • treatment basins – clarifiers, aeration, headworks, Parshall flume, and drain pump station
    • dewatering and solids handling facilities
  • Plumbing and electrical conduit installed and the reinforcing steel in the building foundation is being placed for:
    • dewatering building and headworks facility
  • Some concrete basin walls are being formed and poured – aeration basin, clarifiers, drain pump station and Parshall flume
  • Tunnel boring machine has completed 25% of four tunnel shafts along the alignment
    • approximately 2,100 feet of progress between tunnel shafts 3 and 4

North McKinney LS –

  • Drilled piers for many of the foundations have been installed
  • Dewatering system is in place at the wet well excavation
  • Drilling to sink the soldier beams for the excavation shoring at the wet well
  • Pipe installation has begun.